The Charleston Joint PTA is a non-profit organization that relies solely on fundraising and donations in order to operate. Through our fundraisers each year, we are able to generate the money needed to support programs and events and purchase classroom materials. In addition to the on-going label and store sponsored fundraisers listed below, each school typically hosts only one to two additional PTA sponsored fundraisers each year.

Information regarding these fundraisers will be handed out through the appropriate school and will appear on this webpage.

 Box Tops, Labels, and More
Nine ways to help your school earn school supplies!

Box Tops for Education

The easiest and most popular fundraiser! Our schools earn at least 10
¢ for each Boxtop collected. Please visit the Box Tops for Education website for a list of all the eligible products and learn all the ways you can help our schools earn.
Click the logo or here to find out more!

Cambell's Labels for Education
So much more than soup labels! Cambell's offers over 2500 products that you can collect labels, UPCs, and beverage caps from and then turn in to your school.
Click the logo or here to find out all the qualifying products!


My Coke Rewards

You can donate My Coke Rewards points to our local schools. Anyone who already has a "My Coke Rewards" account, please consider donating your points to Carl Sandburg Elementary School. Visit the Coke Rewards website for a list of eligible products and how you can support our schools.

Click the logo or here to find out more!


County Market Max Dollars for Education

Last year, our schools earned $1000 from the County Market Max Dollars for Education program!

The more registered Max Cards, the better chance our schools have at receiving a $1,000 or $5,000 check in the upcoming year!
Sign up between July 1 - Dec. 31, 2016.  Just click here or on the logo to register your Max Dollars card.

Tyson A+

To take part in this fundraiser, all you need to do is clip and save the entire
Project A+™ label from participating Tyson products.

For more information, please click on the logo or here.


Help us raise funds by saving UPCs with the School Spirit symbol from Aunt Millie’s, Sunbeam and Soft ‘N Good bread bags.
  Then turn them in to your child’s school throughout the year.  For more information, please go to
Visit or call 1-800-316-6142 to designate a school for Target to donate
up to 1% of your purchases to, when you use your REDcard (Target Credit Card®, Target Debit Card® or Target® Visa® Credit Card) at Target.
Ink Cartridge Recycling

Send empty ink cartridges to school with your child. They are collected in the main office.

Where the funds raised
go to support your schools

pie chart
School Support: Staff appreciation, Room parents, Classroom resources, Smart Boards, Library furniture, Playground equipment and fencing

Student Education: Jefferson Incentive Program, Challenger field trip, Springfield Lincoln Musuem field trip, St. Louis Zoo field trip, other field trips

Family Fun Events: HollyDay Breakfast, Chili Supper, Ice Cream Social, Jefferson After-school Socials

Services: Newsletter, Website, Book fairs, Holiday shop

Percents shown represent the percent of the total PTA expenses. 
Also, 15% of the budget is for PTA admin expenses, which includes fundraising expenses.