Treasurer's Corner

Check Requests


  • Download a CHECK REQUEST form. You can also find additional copies in the PTA mailbox at each school.

  • Attach receipts, purchase orders, invoices, contracts, or any other type of paperwork specifying the amount requested. The Treasurer will not be able to fulfill any requests without a completed form.

  • Place the form in the Treasurer mailbox for approval.

  • Two signatures are required to issue a check. Please understand this takes coordination on our part. If you have specific check needs, please contact the Treasurer directly so arrangements can be made.

  • Our PTA is a tax exempt association. All committee members should use our Illinois Sales Tax Exemption form when making purchases.


  • Download a DEPOSIT VOUCHER. Fill out the voucher and sign it. Extra copies of the form can be found in the PTA mailbox at each school. No deposits will be accepted without a completed form.

  • Two PTA Board approved members should count all money/checks.

  • Notify the Treasurer immediately that a deposit is ready. The Treasurer will verify the amount before making the deposit and will contact you if there are any discrepancies with what’s listed on the form. No money should be kept at home longer than 24 hours (weekends being an exception).

Cash Box Requests

For events where cash will be paid and change needs to be given, e.g. Book Fair.

  • Download a CASH BOX REQUEST form to write out your needs. Specify how many singles, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies you will need. For any additional requests, a separate form must be filled out.

  • Submit your request for a cash box no later than 7 business days in advance. This request requires two signatures to be fulfilled.