The Charleston Joint PTA is a Parent Teacher Association in Charleston, Illinois made up of parents/guardians and staff who collaborate to develop programs and activities for the students of Mark Twain, Carl Sandburg and Jefferson Elementary schools. 

Building these relationships helps further enhance our students' experience at our schools. The PTA is wonderful way to get involved with the schools and to give back to the schools that give our children so much.

Charleston Joint PTA is a member of the Illinois PTA.

Buy your tickets in advance by completing this form and returning it to your school by April 11th, 2024.  Or help by signing up to volunteer.

Competency Based Education in CUSD #1

Charleston School District, like many other districts across the country, are transitioning away from “seat time” or traditional time-based education. Competency Based Learning will provide opportunities and increased flexibility for our students. Allowing students to progress as they demonstrate mastery of both academic content and personal skills will mean our students will be prepared for success in life after high school. Being part of the Competency Based High School Pilot Program will provide Charleston High School students with flexibility in the way credit can be earned.  

Charleston teachers are currently learning more about Competency Based Education, by participating in book study, visiting schools, and working together to develop plans for each school, and serving as Pilot Teachers.  Full implementation of Competency Based Education is planned for the Fall 2024 . 

Find out more on the District's Competency Based Education page.

Charleston Elementary Schools currently report 56% of students eligible for Free or Reduced Lunch.

Many children report only eating breakfast & lunch daily at school and no other meals the rest of the day. 

The Food 4 Kids Backpack Program provides children at risk of hunger with bags of food they can take home and easily prepare on their own.

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2024-2025 PTA Executive Board Nomination

If you have the time and interest to serve as an officer, or know someone who does, please complete the form below and place in an envelope marked “Charleston Joint PTA Nominating Committee.” 

Return to any school's office or your child’s classroom by April 5, 2024.

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